Sales are growing- but expenses are growing faster.

Growth can mean Complications, but complications equals costs.


We make operations easier, better, faster, cheaper - 
with the goal of making growing pains less painful. 


Why Finnops?

We give business owners help, insight, & actionable tasks
to control the #1 avoidable mistake: unnecessary cash burn. 


The role of Operations and Finance is to cut the B.S., 
and that is what we are here to do for you.

It is our goal to:

  • Identify your pain points quickly
  • Give you solutions so that you have peace of mind
  • Help implement them (or implement them for you)
  • Move on

The best part? We are not like typical consultants who give advice and walk away - we will see the solution through and be a part of your problem solving team. We don't go home until its done.


EXAmples of 

what we do

  • Financials:

    • Do your financials tell you a story or are they a once-a-year burden you have to take on for your tax person? Wouldn't you rather be excited about reading and understanding the story your financial statements are telling you on a regular basis?
      • Our goal: produce a story out of your financials (not just overwhelming numbers and stats), discussing both the past and the future - and be valuable enough to receive on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, etc) to use for making quality decisions.
  • Operational:

    • Do all of your employees produce the kind of return you want?
      • Our goal: Create a well structured team that has clear objectives, tasks, and is followed up on to ensure progress is being made - rather than being micro managed or worse, existing just to put daily fires out.
    • Are your processes and structure adequate to support growth in a big way? 
      • Our goal: implement fail-safe procedures with structure so that there aren't exceptions to the rule and ad-hoc decisions being made daily (as those are inefficient and costly), as well as create dependencies on processes rather than people.


What Drives us?

There is no greater victory for us than minimizing and improving
the time spent on costly tasks

  • Many big companies have a role for this - its called COO (Chief of Operations) and CFO (Chief Financial Officer). You need both, but not with the price tag of a full time employee. You just need the functions of what they do. 

Talk to us - we will explain more. 

  • We spent a lot of time in corporate environments learning how industry leaders work and maintain their top positions - now our passion is to bring those techniques to smaller / growing companies who may not have the same resources as huge companies but have the same desire to grow.


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