Finnops Is based on two important fundamentals:

  1. Business should be simple - not complicated
  2. Your bottom line should reflect the success of your top line

While it may seem obvious, it isn't as obvious as you might think to many start-up and fast growing businesses that face mismanagement of their finances and costly operations. It is not uncommon to witness companies who have cash bleeding in sometimes unknown corners, due to weak internal controls and lack of real financial analysis which can lead to falling short on truly achieving business goals. When a lot of days look like more along the lines of a firefighter (on call for putting out fires), or when you start to wonder where exactly did all of those sales dollars disappear to - it is safe to say you need a closer look at your "Finnops" (that is, finance and operations).

    What we are not

    People often say not to define what you are by what you are not - but, in the business world, there are so many labels that you might be tempted to place us under, that we don't fit under.

    Let us explain:

    Not Consultants

    Consultants come in, take a look, point fingers, give you a list of tasks using big fancy words, and walk away - leaving you to tackle that to-do list on your own. Oh and - don't forget the hefty bill that comes along with that. Consulting with big price tags is NOT US.

    Not Advisors

    Similar to consultants (but not as expensive), we don't sit on the side-lines and stay pretty while you have rolled up your sleeves and are elbow deep in "business-ing". Advice? Talk is cheap and you don't have time to waste talking. You need doers, not talkers. Advising from the side is NOT US. 

    Not Partners

    We aren't here to steal your glory and take that equity you worked so hard for. What you worked for is yours, and yours to keep. We are here to make sure you actually KEEP more of what is yours - not the other way around. Coming in late in the game and taking partnership is your hard work is NOT US.

    Not Mentors/Teachers/professors

    We are on this journey WITH you. Your company is not our company, and we respect that. We work for YOU. So while we claim expertise and passion, we aren't here to just teach - we are here to teach and roll up our sleeves and do. We take your goals and execute them. We are the doers you have been missing out on. We are here for the long-term vision, not quick band-aid fixes. Teaching and mentoring and then just walking away with you on your own for homework is NOT US.

    Not Employees

    Here is the best part! You don't have to pay us benefits and cover our employer related taxes, and you don't have to manage us! In this sense, we are your favorite "employee"! Tell us what to do and we do it! How much simpler could it really get? Also, our time isn't fixed - you aren't on the hook for 40 hours a week, we flex as your company ebbs and flows. Sometimes you'll need us a lot, other times, not so much. Another full time employee on your roster to worry about and keep busy is NOT US.