Meet the people behind finnops


Meet Chats:

My favorite question is: "so, what do you do?". I love to learn from people who are passionate on subjects I don't know much about, and my life-long dream has always been working in operations. Operational efficiency is my jam, and wasting time and/or money is my kryptonite. My favorite food is chicken wings (you can catch me at Buffalo Wild Wing's quite often), and I haven't met a hot sauce I can't handle yet. As a kid, I carried around a briefcase full of paper and watched Wall Street news before I could even speak English. I believe the best business is a simplified business, and that complications equal costs. In my free time I like to read business magazines & biographies, draw flow-charts to help simplify processes / summarize concepts, and my favorite TV show is Undercover Boss.  


MEET Emily:

I like to think of myself as equal parts creative + technical... you can find me crunching numbers in Excel on a Monday and editing photos in Lightroom on a Tuesday. My favorite food is anything Italian (mmm, pasta) and I love non-fiction books (self-improvement and biographies, to be specific). I love to help people save time by using Excel tricks, and if I can't make you laugh, I try and try again. I love business for the possibilities it creates and the fact that there are multiple ways of arriving to the same answer. I can't live without iced coffee in the morning (even when it's cold out). Spin class gets me pumped up and I get my best ideas late at night. You can catch me driving around new parts of town, taking photos with my DSLR, wandering around Barnes & Noble, or perusing the "documentaries" section on Netflix.