Finding employees who work as hard as founders

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Does a founder ever find employees who work as hard as them?


The common perception might be “No, you’ll never match that passion”. That’s definitely false. There are many employees that gladly take the executioner’s role, and prefer it to the leader role. If you ask founders who have implemented the right teams, they’ll tell you their teams work much harder than them!

You just have to find what drives each person to work your definition of “hard”. A leader is passionate about paving ways where there were none before, and that motivation gives them the strength to keep attacking their goals relentlessly. On the other hand, an employee might be passionate about getting validation from their superior of a job well done, or passionate about getting that satisfaction of crossing completed items off of to-do lists, which motivates them to keep pushing to do more and more.

Knowing what motivates a person and aligning them to the needs of a business when building a team is imperative in this sense. People work incredibly hard at all levels of a business when given the right tools for success like training, communication, and empowerment!

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