What is the best system to put in place for a new entrepreneur to manage their day?

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Every bit of profit should be kept from your hard-earned sales.

As a firm believer of "garbage in, garbage out" - 

I recommend against a big fancy technological system or some network of a billion apps where one tracks your tasks and one tracks your money and one tracks your head when you lose it, but rather I recommend a set of systematic measures you can take to manage your day and get the most out of it in return.


Plan the entire week ahead of you, and break it down by day. Whiteboard or daily planner works just fine. If you must use an app, make sure it's one where you can keep track of all tasks (i.e. they don't disappear upon completion)


Set the alarm for the same time. Try to go to bed similar times, and work out on a schedule. The ebbs and flows of entrepreneur life won't exactly fit perfectly into a predictable schedule but the more you try to adhere to this, the better your focus will be, the higher the quality of your output, and your brain will thank you.


Keep track of what you've accomplished and what lies ahead. No point in beating yourself up for not getting as much done - conversely, no need for mega hype when you're only a quarter of the way done with your To-do list either. Stay accountable to yourself - no boss is there to give you a cookie for a job well done. You're your own boss now!


Don't ever lose your purpose or vision. For every time you question everything in your life, keep the vision that got you this far. Keep as inspired as possible. Spend free time with uplifting people, mentors, colleagues, friends, family. No time or space for negativity in this stage, that's for sure.


Know this cycle will repeat itself until you've "made it". Enjoy the notion that success is entirely your own responsibility - and have faith that persistence via repeating this productive cycle will get you to where you are aiming to be.

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